What’s your Trigger to Staying Healthy and Fit?

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As an owner of a fitness centre, the biggest challenge is inspiring people to make permanent lifestyle adjustments that will keep them healthy and vital. BUT, it can be done! It’s so much more than working hard for 6 weeks to look good in a bathing suit. What is your trigger? What makes you want to be fit? Is it to have energy for life? Is it to prevent disease and aches and pains as you get older? Is it to look better in a bathing suit (that’s a great side effect)? Is it to be a good role model for your children so they know that real food and activity is just normal?

If you are making a resolution to get fit, I urge you to write down your “why”. Put it somewhere visible so you remember what your inspiration is on the days that you don’t feel motivated. Read more

Keswick’s Fitness Force Becomes 24/7 NRG Fitness


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Here I am just days away from the grand opening of my new and improved gym called 24/7 NRG Fitness still right here in Keswick Ontario. It’s just as exciting as the days before taking over as the owner of Fitness Force; A great idea, new focus and huge expectations. The biggest thing that strikes me is how many incredible people with talent, ideas and expertise that have come together to help make this happen. The supporting people are different people from the Fitness Force business plan to the 24/7 NRG Fitness business plan. But the fact remains that I DID NOT do this alone. It has taken months of planning with experts in various fields, weeks of renovations and construction, days of waiting for all the bits and pieces to come together. Hours of brainstorming and minutes of….well, nothing only takes minutes. Suffice it to say, that this past year creating our new image has been busy and fascinating. Read more

Top 4 Exercises to Include in a Workout

16546608_sWhat is the number one reason you don’t exercise? If you said “lack of time”, you are right there with most of the population. Everyone is busy and we all want ways to squeeze our workouts into an already full day. First of all, we need to make it a priority….one of the things that is first on the list of what to do each day! Secondly, make sure we are getting the most out of the time spent at the gym. Don’t waste it! So, what are the top 4 exercises we should make sure we include in our workout?

Here is a list of what some would consider the top whole body exercises to incorporate. They hit all major muscle groups through a range of motions. Big muscle group work will burn more calories if weight management is a focus. Movements that work through a range of movements are more functional and will help you build strength for everyday life tasks. Read more

The Importance of Water – Staying Hydrated

9951562_sI know, you’ve heard it before. You must drink lots of water to maintain optimum health and to aid in weight loss. Why am I bringing it up again? I’ve had three separate conversations in the past week about the importance of hydration. In those conversations I was reminded that many people still don’t get how important it is to simply drink enough water.

Fact 1 – Water is the main constituent of the human body. It should represent 50% to 60% of your total mass. The muscles and brain are 75% water. You cannot survive without it! No other nutrient is more essential or needed in such large quantities. Read more

8 Things to Consider When Joining a Fitness Club

It’s not a secret. Deciding on which fitness club to join can be a stressful undertaking, especially if you are looking for the very first time. As the owner of a privately owned club, I get asked many of the same questions over and over again as potential clients decide what facility will best suit their needs. Not every club is the right fit for every person who is ready to improve or maintain their health. You really should consider your options once you’ve created your list of “need to haves” and “nice to haves”. Recognize that the needs and wants are different and what your goals truly are. Here are 8 questions that people ask or look for when shopping for a fitness club. Read more

CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture – Are You Participating?

5705016_sCSAs – Community Supported Agriculture – Are You Participating?

As the growing season comes to an end I’m a bit sad and disappointed that my Tuesday challenge of “what to do with all of these fresh organic vegetables” from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will soon come to a halt. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a time commitment that hasn’t always been easy. Without doubt though, a summer season of interesting food (and a full, dirty refrigerator!) Read more

7 Ways to Stay Motivated and Active This Fall

Couple mountain biking with their dog on autumn dayThe seasons are changing again. It’s fall and a time when many people find themselves beginning to hibernate a bit more than usual. Not only is it darker later into the morning but it’s darker earlier in the evenings as well. The lack of daylight time can cause the feeling of increased tiredness, lack of energy….or excuse to be lazy! Below are 7 ways to stay motivated and active this season.

There is some truth to the seasonal change in energy levels. We are quite programmed to sleep or rest when it’s dark and do stuff (sometimes even fun stuff) in the daylight hours. A bright sunny day with a giant sun is always motivating. Read more

How to Stay Committed to a Fitness Plan – The Last 10 Pounds

9195877_sRecently, I embarked on a new personal fitness challenge. OK, not really new, but more like a goal that I’ve had…..and even talked about but never truly committed to. Yes, like many people I’ve said “I want to” or “one day maybe I will, when I’m ready”. I have even gone as far as uttering “I’m going to” but without the actual plan, commitment, motivation and support, those were empty words. Yes, even trainers struggle sometimes. Read more

Which Type of Milk Is The Best? Who Needs it Anyway?

Do you drink milk? Is it cow’s milk or have switched to soy or almond or maybe even rice milk? There are lots of interesting yet conflicting stories about what is actually good for you. At the very least, which type is not bad.  In this blog post, we’ll talk about which milk may be best for you and whether we need it at all.

When making your decision on what is best for you I encourage you to read information that has not been written by the manufacturer of the product. Remember that they are trying to get you to buy their item…because it’s the best one out there. They may not be able to outright lie in their marketing campaigns but they certainly don’t tell you the whole truth. Read more

Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

14710102_sWho needs a personal trainer? The simple answer to that question truly is…everyone, including personal trainers!

I was chatting with a member of the gym recently, someone who is not working with a personal trainer. She (in her own words) is a bit overweight, and a lot out of shape. She is struggling with recurring injuries and slow or no results. When I asked her if she had considered working with a trainer, even if just for a while to get her started on the right path, she said this “I planned on getting a trainer once I’m in better shape. I want to get my money’s worth”. Thus another topic was born. The sad thing about her perception and decision to wait to get help is that she may hurt herself seriously in the meantime. Or possibly give up in frustration as her goals aren’t being reached. Read more