Introducing the team at 24/7 NRG Fitness. We are here to guide you and motivate you. We want you to feel welcome at our club when you join and in the months and years that you embrace this type of fitness as part of your lifestyle as we have. Most of our staff were members prior to working at the club. We are proud that our staff and trainers that join our team stay with us. We want you to stay with us too!

Robin Smith 24/7 NRG FitnessRobin Smith
Club Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Spin & Group Fitness Instructor, Anything NRG Fitness Related since 2006.









Lori Laird 24/7 NRG FitnessLori Laird
Member reception, support & sales since July 2014. Health & fitness enthusiast forever.









LyLinda Sarrrasin 24/7 NRG Fitnessnda Sarrasin
Member reception, support & sales since 2008. Certified Bellyfit Instructor. Devoted fitness guru!









Andy Laird 24/7 NRG FitnessAndy Laird
Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire and Nutrition Coach since 2000









Alana Pickrell 24/7 NRG FitnessMonique Weide
Certified Personal Trainer since 2000. Nutrition Coach.









Pat Wellman
Certified Group Fitness Instructor & awesome motivator!!






Debbie Grix Debbie Grix 24/7 NRG Fitness

Certified Zumba Instructor









Carol Manning 24/.7 NRG FitnessCarol Manning
Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer









Sari Emas 24/7 NRG FitnessSari Emas
Certified Spin Instructor & Personal Trainer









Nick Thirgood
Member support and sales since 2016. NRG member long before then!












Amanda Laird
Certified Yoga Instructor and Member support/sales since 2015