It’s easy! You will be automatically enrolled when you join 24/7 NRG Fitness. Every time you check in for a workout you will earn points. Every time you share the referral link and your friends join, you will earn points.

Those points accumulate and can be redeemed for great prizes. It’s fun….bonus points for something you are planning to do anyway!

You will recieve updates on your points by text or email, or you can ask us to look up your results.


10 Points – Payback! – 20 Burpees for the trainer of your choice.

20 Points- NRG Fitness Workout Towel

50 Points- Your Choice! NRG Fitness Tshirt or hat

85 Points- 1 Month Gift Certificate for a friend

150 Points- NRG Fitness Hoodie

200 Points- Your Choice. Deluxe Gym Bag or Personal Training Session


Your earn 1 point for every workout and 25 points for every successful referral.