5 Tips to Realizing your Fitness Resolutions this Year

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Resolution season is upon us with all of its great intention and motivation. I’ve already seen people posting their 2016 goals on social media sites, and heard gym conversations regarding the same. Without doubt, some version of “be healthier”, “get fit”, “lose weight” or “eat better” is top of mind for most people. The statistics say that the second only to “live life to the fullest”, some sort of healthy lifestyle change represents resolution plans for most people. Here are a 5 tips that will help you realize your goals……because healthy living should be forever, not just for a few weeks until you forgot you even made that commitment to yourself. Read more

Is your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit?

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As we sit right in the middle of the Christmas Season with all of the family gatherings, holiday parties, scrumptious treats and shopping sprees I know that resolution time is just around the corner.
We all know one fact about resolutions! One of the top five New Year’s resolutions every single year is “to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle”.

Being a gym owner, I have to say it’s an important month for our business. We have lots of new people flocking to the gym with very good intentions. Sadly, about 75% of them fall off the wagon by March, if not sooner. Read more

The Importance of Water – Staying Hydrated

9951562_sI know, you’ve heard it before. You must drink lots of water to maintain optimum health and to aid in weight loss. Why am I bringing it up again? I’ve had three separate conversations in the past week about the importance of hydration. In those conversations I was reminded that many people still don’t get how important it is to simply drink enough water.

Fact 1 – Water is the main constituent of the human body. It should represent 50% to 60% of your total mass. The muscles and brain are 75% water. You cannot survive without it! No other nutrient is more essential or needed in such large quantities. Read more

Holiday Season Shop ‘til You Drop Fitness Survival Tips

8153463_sI hope you haven’t done what I’ve done this year! Here we are a few short weeks away from Christmas and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare. I haven’t purchased one single gift…or even made a list. I’ve got all of the typical excuses. Of course none of those matter. I know that I will have to power shop at some point soon. It may be a full day or two battling crowds in the mall and crowds in the parking lot. Sadly, the time and dedication required for extended power shopping trips is not typically conducive to a healthy lifestyle. So, I thought it might be helpful to give you a quick list of potential health hazards and some shop ’til you drop fitness survival tips for this holiday season. Read more

CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture – Are You Participating?

5705016_sCSAs – Community Supported Agriculture – Are You Participating?

As the growing season comes to an end I’m a bit sad and disappointed that my Tuesday challenge of “what to do with all of these fresh organic vegetables” from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will soon come to a halt. Don’t get me wrong! It’s a time commitment that hasn’t always been easy. Without doubt though, a summer season of interesting food (and a full, dirty refrigerator!) Read more

7 Steps to Fitness Success

14332551_sIs it possible to make changes starting today? How about these 7 steps to becoming the fittest you have ever been? Yes, why not? You are the best boss of that decision. The only one in complete control of what you do. I read a quote a few weeks ago that is quite appropriate to achieving your fitness goals…..and other goals too.

“If something is important enough, you will always find a way. If it`s not, you can easily find an excuse!”

Achieving your goals or making your dreams come true is something that I know about. So much in fact, that I wrote a book about it! While my book (Jump For Joy…When Your Dreams Come True) is related to business achievements, the 7 steps outlined can be applied to any goal, dream, business plan or idea. Read more

7 Ways to Stay Motivated and Active This Fall

Couple mountain biking with their dog on autumn dayThe seasons are changing again. It’s fall and a time when many people find themselves beginning to hibernate a bit more than usual. Not only is it darker later into the morning but it’s darker earlier in the evenings as well. The lack of daylight time can cause the feeling of increased tiredness, lack of energy….or excuse to be lazy! Below are 7 ways to stay motivated and active this season.

There is some truth to the seasonal change in energy levels. We are quite programmed to sleep or rest when it’s dark and do stuff (sometimes even fun stuff) in the daylight hours. A bright sunny day with a giant sun is always motivating. Read more

How to Stay Committed to a Fitness Plan – The Last 10 Pounds

9195877_sRecently, I embarked on a new personal fitness challenge. OK, not really new, but more like a goal that I’ve had…..and even talked about but never truly committed to. Yes, like many people I’ve said “I want to” or “one day maybe I will, when I’m ready”. I have even gone as far as uttering “I’m going to” but without the actual plan, commitment, motivation and support, those were empty words. Yes, even trainers struggle sometimes. Read more

Which Type of Milk Is The Best? Who Needs it Anyway?

Do you drink milk? Is it cow’s milk or have switched to soy or almond or maybe even rice milk? There are lots of interesting yet conflicting stories about what is actually good for you. At the very least, which type is not bad.  In this blog post, we’ll talk about which milk may be best for you and whether we need it at all.

When making your decision on what is best for you I encourage you to read information that has not been written by the manufacturer of the product. Remember that they are trying to get you to buy their item…because it’s the best one out there. They may not be able to outright lie in their marketing campaigns but they certainly don’t tell you the whole truth. Read more

Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

14710102_sWho needs a personal trainer? The simple answer to that question truly is…everyone, including personal trainers!

I was chatting with a member of the gym recently, someone who is not working with a personal trainer. She (in her own words) is a bit overweight, and a lot out of shape. She is struggling with recurring injuries and slow or no results. When I asked her if she had considered working with a trainer, even if just for a while to get her started on the right path, she said this “I planned on getting a trainer once I’m in better shape. I want to get my money’s worth”. Thus another topic was born. The sad thing about her perception and decision to wait to get help is that she may hurt herself seriously in the meantime. Or possibly give up in frustration as her goals aren’t being reached. Read more