Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

14710102_sWho needs a personal trainer? The simple answer to that question truly is…everyone, including personal trainers!

I was chatting with a member of the gym recently, someone who is not working with a personal trainer. She (in her own words) is a bit overweight, and a lot out of shape. She is struggling with recurring injuries and slow or no results. When I asked her if she had considered working with a trainer, even if just for a while to get her started on the right path, she said this “I planned on getting a trainer once I’m in better shape. I want to get my money’s worth”. Thus another topic was born. The sad thing about her perception and decision to wait to get help is that she may hurt herself seriously in the meantime. Or possibly give up in frustration as her goals aren’t being reached. Read more

How to Exercise When Pregnant

22936545_sStop the presses! Hold down the fort! Holy cow! My baby sister is having a baby! I know people do it every day. Not my baby sister though. After years of her sharing her repulsion and phobia of vomit (to the point of moving out of the house when her husband had the flu), you’ve got to know this is a bit of a shock. I guess the introduction of dogs (and their vomit) into the family have trained her gag reflex, thus allowing the concept of children to enter. Now, my sister Cheryl isn’t as enthused with regular exercise and focused nutrition as I am. It’s a personal choice of course. Now that there is a baby and baby weight involved, I’ve encouraged her to take things more seriously. I know I’m not being totally ignored (as long as the hormones are stable when I mention it)….and the information is important, so I thought some basics should be written. Important information for Cheryl and for all mothers to be. Read more

Trudy’s Story About Obesity and Significant Weight Loss

The other day while chatting with my sister Cheryl about her new expanded eating habits (she’s pregnant with my nephew…or niece), we somehow veered onto a conversation about gastric bypass surgery. I’m not sure how that happened but it is a hot topic as it becomes more popular as a quick (but not so easy) option that I regret so many people are choosing for weight loss. That is not the topic of this article though! And it goes without saying that often my conversations with friends and family include a fitness or nutrition component. It would be wrong if that didn’t happen given that I own a gym and spend much of my time encouraging others to embrace a life of wellness. Our chatting lead Cheryl to tell me about her friend Trudy, that she doesn’t see very often who should be (whether she knows it or not) an inspiration for anyone who struggles with obesity and has significant weight to lose. Read more

Rogers TV Georgina – Fitness Program with Robin Smith

Weeks have gone by since the day of taping five back to back episodes of my new fitness program on Rogers TV in Georgina. It seems like only days ago that I was timing exercises down to the second and preparing my new fitness wardrobe for this incredible opportunity to bring fitness, Fitness Force style into the homes of our community.

Who should watch “Have Fun…Be Fit”? Well, I might be biased but the show is suited for just about anybody. Read more

3 Tips to Staying Dedicated to a Nutritious Diet This Canada Day

16982319_sAnother Canada Day is upon us that will likely be abundant with BBQ food temptations, delicious dessert delights and festive alcohol aperitifs. Your dedication to a nutritious diet will be tested and your willpower will need to be strong to make it through unscathed. Here are 3 important tips to remember.

  1. If you are already full and satisfied with nutritious food, you will be in better control when the poor choices are nearby. Don’t go to the party hungry!
  2. Alcohol reduces (or obliterates!) your self discipline. You may make a conscious decision to have a beer. Then suddenly you justify the chips and the burger too! It’s a slippery slope.
  3. You have 72 hours to burn off extra calories before they turn to fat in your body. Remember though – bad calories are bad calories are bad calories. They do more than just make fat, they affect how your systems function and how you feel.

Read more

2012 Georgina Mini Marathon – An Inspiration For Many

This past weekend was inspirational in many ways. But a couple of things stood out more than the others. I am the organizer of an annual local event. It’s called Georgina’s Mini Marathon .  This event is a regular, timed running event that at first glance seems like any other running event. I have to say, it’s special though. This year was unique in ways different than last year. It was our second and so the fear of not knowing exactly what is going to happen was gone (well, it was reduced). I was able to see some of what was going on with our participants. Read more

Cycling With the Right Bicycle is Key to Your Success


biking keswickWell, it happened….I did it! I bought a new bike to add to the collection of two that I already don’t use. They rest lazily in the shed year after year with flat tires and great intention. Recently I wrote about my decision to switch from running to cycling due to ongoing injuries. I made that decision with complete understanding that it would lead me to the bike shop to purchase a “real” bike as my two shed bikes are inexpensive department store specials that weren’t fitted properly. I understood going in, that purchasing the with the right bicycle was going to be key to my success. Read more

Substitute Cycling for Running – Benefits of Cycling

bigstock-Senior-Cyclist-5900426Here I am one week post ankle sprain with some decisions to be made. To run or not to run. That is the question. One point to note is that my sprained ankle is healing quite well. I’ve been carefully following my treatment plan and being smart with my recovery focus. This is a big accomplishment as I work through my 4th serious sprain. Fortunately this sprain is not as bad as the three prior. It is time for me to take notice that my ankles are weakening with each injury and I may have to consider changing some workout strategies permanently like substituting cycling for running.

Here is my issue: Read more

How to Deal With a Sprained Ankle

iStock_000023867170XSmallWell here I go again! Summer is just around the corner and another sprained ankle for me. I’m becoming quite good at diagnosing the extent of the injury and knowing how to deal with a sprained ankle. Note – I said I know what I need to do, not that I always do what I need to do. With registrations for various Warrior type events, I thought hill sprint training was a great idea for today. It was….right up until I went over on uneven ground, heard that big pop and was down. This makes 3x for my right ankle which is sadly losing some range of motion at the best of times.

In an effort to remind myself about how important the first few days of recovery are, I thought this would be my topic for today. Maybe I’m trying to talk myself into doing it right! Read more

5 Training Tips For the 2012 Georgina Mini Marathon

With plans coming together quickly for the upcoming 2012 Georgina Mini Marathon, I thought it was time to share 5 tested, tried and true training tips so you can be ready for this great occasion or for any upcoming community running event in your neighbourhood. Firstly, you must register.  Click here to visit the website as soon as possible to complete your registration form. Our 10mile run or 5km run/walk takes place on Saturday June 16th. Every participant will receive an awesome sway bag that includes free admission to the Georgina Highland Gathering, a T-shirt and everyone will get a 2012 Georgina Mini Marathon medal…. It’s all about the BLING! Read more