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Quit That Nasty Sugar!

Sugar is hiding everywhere and it’s killing us. There are foods marketed to us as healthy, low fat, 100 calorie, heart safe etc. that are loaded with sugar and many people aren’t aware. If you stay away, (completely away) from processed foods you’re probably doing alright.

4 Ways a Food Log is Worth its ‘Weight’ in Gold

Do the benefits of keeping a food log outweigh the time and effort of doing so? Absolutely! In speaking to people who recently completed the Biggest Loser fitness challenge at Fitness Force, I believe this even more than I did before. Not only does the log leave you with valuable information that you can share with your personal trainer but it makes you conscious and accountable to yourself. Those who keep great food logs reach their fitness goals faster.

5 Tips to Party Survival

With summer just around the corner, you may be looking forward to some backyard BBQ’s and pool parties. The months of exercise and healthy eating are at risk if you haven’t got a plan to stay in control when you’re socializing and potentially letting your inhibitions run wild. Have fun in the sun, but keep yourself “bikini” ready by making your choices consciously.

Understanding Food Cravings

You may be lacking in a specific nutrient or vitamin creating a feeling of deprivation in your body. Unfortunately your mind doesn’t recognize the need for magnesium or iron specifically. Instead you may interpret the craving as an uncontrollable need for something bad.

Lacking Motivation in Your Exercise Routine?

One of the biggest reasons that people give when they “fall off the fitness wagon” is that they have lost their motivation. What does that really mean exactly? When you really think about it, there are a multitude of reasons and therefore a multitude of answers. Here are the 3 bad excuses not to exercise.

11 Tips to Proper Exercise

Physical activity is vital at any age. As we get older it becomes even more important to maintain our health and body function. Around the age of 40 our bodies may begin to lose bone density. We all need to take appropriate steps to prevent it. Strength exercise and diet are equally important. In this post, we’ll list 11 tips to exercising properly.