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Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

If you are suffering with range of motion restrictions or uneven strength problems, your trainer may be able to assess those issues (or recommend you to someone who can), thus providing valuable information on what you should, or should not be doing. Many people are continuously doing exercises that are hindering more than helping. At Fitness Force, we are thrilled to have a new trainer working with us who is an expert on postural and musculoskeletal assessments. Her knowledge will ensure our clients are armed with information to ensure success.

How to Exercise When Pregnant

Cheryl isn’t as enthused with regular exercise and focused nutrition as I am. It’s a personal choice of course. Now that there is a baby and baby weight involved, I’ve encouraged her to take things more seriously. I know I’m not being totally ignored (as long as the hormones are stable when I mention it)….and the information is important, so I thought some basics should be written. Important information for Cheryl and for all mothers to be.

2 Healthy Zucchini Recipes

I decided to embark on a baking project. It is worth noting that I am not a baker. The need for precise measurements and sifting and blah, blah, blah is too time consuming and if it really matters, the recipe should be made by someone else. Nonetheless, baking it was, and it was zucchini muffins to be precise. Before I get into the details of my sweet and savoury creations it is worth noting some details on the simple zucchini.

2012 Georgina Mini Marathon – An Inspiration For Many

I spent some time at the last turn before the finish line and saw the joy (and relief) in the eyes of those who turned towards the timing mats and crowds cheering for the very first time in their lives. I know many of these people personally…..this is still a small town after all. All of the planning and all of the work and all of the meetings that went into making this run possible were instantly made worthwhile when each person crossed the finish line and made that dream come true. Running doesn’t happen easily for most and it is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Cycling With the Right Bicycle is Key to Your Success

So, here I am about 10 days post purchase with only 3 rides under my belt. The truth is this….I LOVE IT! I’m a bit short on my kilometre goal of 75 per week but as my sitting bones get used to the seat, I will fit more short rides of 15 to 20k into my daily life and clock those km’s. Not only is cycling fantastic physical exercise (which was my intention in taking it up) but I am finding a lot of joy and inspiration in being outside, alone and noticing the beauty of my surroundings. This is something that seems more profound while riding than it ever did while running. That’s just my experience of course but running was more difficult for me. It was noisier and I didn’t get as far so didn’t get to see as much. Not only that, I ended up with a chronic piriformis injury that only subsides by NOT running.

Substitute Cycling for Running – Benefits of Cycling

Fast forward several weeks – I decide to go back to trail running as the distances are typically shorter, the ground is softer and quite honestly, the scenery is better too. First day out – wham! I trip and fall and sprain my ankle……again. Thus, I am sensing that I am no longer meant to run.

What next? I need to have an activity that I can do away from the gym. Something that will get my heart racing and flood my body with endorphins…..just like running. Something that I can do nearly anytime and that doesn’t require a lot of planning or a large group.

How to Deal With a Sprained Ankle

P.R.I.C.E. stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The following steps and tips below should help encourage ankle sprain recovery for you or for someone you know who has just sprained his or her ankle.

Starting with the “protection” part of the P.R.I.C.E. treatment, sit or lie down, taking the pressure off your ankle. Don’t do anything that could aggravate your injury or cause you further harm. In such a time, your first instinct should be to protect the injured area.