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Five Reasons to shop at your local Farmers Market

The season of rain has passed (hopefully), the season of sun is upon us and along with that will come the opening of local farmers markets. I always enjoy this type of shopping and now that my community has its own market I love it even more. There are probably dozens of reason to shop […]

Context – Fitness That Fits Your Life

There are three attributes that I refer to as “The Three C’s of Fitness” – Commitment (the point where motivation turns into action), Consistency and Context. Today I would like to discuss Context and the way it relates to how we train and eat.

5 Tips to Realizing your Fitness Resolutions this Year

Resolution season is upon us with all of its great intention and motivation. I’ve already seen people posting their 2016 goals on social media sites, and heard gym conversations regarding the same. Without doubt, some version of “be healthier”, “get fit”, “lose weight” or “eat better” is top of mind for most people. The statistics say that the second only to “live life to the fullest”, some sort of healthy lifestyle change represents resolution plans for most people. Here are a 5 tips that will help you realize your goals……because healthy living should be forever, not just for a few weeks until you forgot you even made that commitment to yourself.

What’s your Trigger to Staying Healthy and Fit?

As an owner of a fitness centre, the biggest challenge is inspiring people to make permanent lifestyle adjustments that will keep them healthy and vital. BUT, it can be done! It’s so much more than working hard for 6 weeks to look good in a bathing suit. What is your trigger? What makes you want to be fit? Is it to have energy for life? Is it to prevent disease and aches and pains as you get older? Is it to look better in a bathing suit (that’s a great side effect)? Is it to be a good role model for your children so they know that real food and activity is just normal?

Is your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit?

As we sit right in the middle of the Christmas Season with all of the family gatherings, holiday parties, scrumptious treats and shopping sprees I know that resolution time is just around the corner.
We all know one fact about resolutions! One of the top five New Year’s resolutions every single year is “to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle”.

What Keeps you Coming Back to the Gym?

A few months ago I was preparing a fun editorial for a local paper. I had some time to chat with some regular members of 24/7 NRG Fitness and find out what motivates them and keeps them coming back to the gym to exercise regularly. It’s a choice we all make every day. Do I choose to watch TV or go for a jog? Should I play on Facebook or go to the gym? Will I veg out or get my blood pumping? Am I going let my body fail or will I work out and stay vital?

Why Choose a Local Gym? – Part 1

When I found the right gym, I met people with similar goals. We met at classes, arranged small group training together with a personal trainer. We registered for outside events together and we inspired others to participate…..and fitness grew for everyone!

Georgina’s Fitness Force Transformation to 24/7 NRG Fitness

As with any great project, it takes a community of people with vast experience and expertise to make perfect. Our transformation from Fitness Force to 24/7 NRG Fitness is no exception. We are weeks into our new look and new name and still clients are walking in the door and saying “wow, this is amazing”! […]

Top 4 Exercises to Include in a Workout

What is the number one reason you don’t exercise? If you said “lack of time”, you are right there with most of the population. Everyone is busy and we all want ways to squeeze our workouts into an already full day. First of all, we need to make it a priority….one of the things that is first on the list of what to do each day! Secondly, make sure we are getting the most out of the time spent at the gym. Don’t waste it! So, what are the top 4 exercises we should make sure we include?