Five Reasons to shop at your local Farmers Market

The season of rain has passed (hopefully), the season of sun is upon us and along with that will come the opening of local farmers markets.

I always enjoy this type of shopping and now that my community has its own market I love it even more.

There are probably dozens of reason to shop at a farmers market. Maybe you’re related to one of the vendors! I’ve combined a few of my reasons and hope to encourage you to find one near you to get some great food and have a great experience.

1. FRESH FOOD – Often the vendors have picked the produce in the morning before they head to the market. You can’t get fresher than that. Produce picked at the right ripeness will not only taste better, but it will provide more nutrients. Sometimes we forget why we eat—it’s to feed your body so the nutrients are important.

2. NEW CHOICES – Sometimes you will find a new vegetable that inspires you. You can chat with the vendor to learn about ideas on how to prepare it or combine it. I thinks that’s fun. As the season progresses, the harvests will change so you will see different foods each week that you go.

3. LOCAL HELPS EVERYONE- You are reducing your carbon footprint by buying local AND you are keeping your money local which support the economic growth of your own community. These farmers pay taxes in your community and probably support your local events and sports teams too.

4. IT’s OUTSIDE- Spending some time wandering an outside market is refreshing and the sun will provide some vitamin D! It feels more like an event than shopping.

5. COMMUNITY- The markets create a sense of community. There will be a community of farmers and vendors along with the community of shoppers. It is a shopping experience where people are greatly for what they are selling. You will probably run into lots of people that you know so it becomes a social event as well.

Have you been to a farmers market before? There are often huge markets in larger communities that become tourist destinations. Both St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and St Jacobs Market come to mind. It can be a day trip adventure. My hometown of Georgina Ontario has a local market that I’m thrilled about. For those of you who are my friends and clients, I urge you to check out our market on Sunday’s at The Link in Sutton

See you soon!

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for explaining some of the benefits for shopping at a local food market. I hadn’t considered that this can support the economic grown in one’s community. To be honest, it would be interesting to learn more about the statistics behind this, and how much of an impact this can make over the years by just simply buying food locally.


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