Is your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit?

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As we sit right in the middle of the Christmas Season with all of the family gatherings, holiday parties, scrumptious treats and shopping sprees I know that resolution time is just around the corner.
We all know one fact about resolutions! One of the top five New Year’s resolutions every single year is “to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle”.

Being a gym owner, I have to say it’s an important month for our business. We have lots of new people flocking to the gym with very good intentions. Sadly, about 75% of them fall off the wagon by March, if not sooner.

It’s interesting though, the rate of longer term success is much greater for those who start a fitness or lifestyle goal in every other month of the year. I don’t know if the commitment is greater when you don’t call it a resolution or if the decision is founded on real health concerns when you start “other than January”. But it leaves me thinking this……if you really mean it, why not get a head start and begin your healthy lifestyle today?

Find a fitness program or activity or a bunch of them that are fun and social and challenging for your body. Learn about food; you know, the real food that grows (not out of a box). Then enjoy the holiday season knowing your have begun your journey at a time when many are successful.

Your healthy lifestyle will create your healthy life. Why would you wait until later to start that?

  • Challenge #1 – Make your resolution start date now
  • Challenge#2- Put it in writing and list what changes you are making
  • Challenge#3 – Be proud you just made reasons instead of excuses!

Here’s a thought- why not have a whole healthy family resolution? Do it together and support each other. The kids could surely use some extra vegetables. Get outside together and go for a hike or build a snow man.

Your body is meant to move. It appreciates at least 60 minutes of physical activity every single day. YES—-every day. It will repay you with healthy, fitness, strength and flexibility for years to come.

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Have joy and peace always.
Merry Christmas,


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