What Keeps you Coming Back to the Gym?

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A few months ago I was preparing a fun editorial for a local paper. I had some time to chat with some regular members of 24/7 NRG Fitness and find out what motivates them and keeps them coming back to the gym to exercise regularly. It’s a choice we all make every day. Do I choose to watch TV or go for a jog? Should I play on Facebook or go to the gym? Will I veg out or get my blood pumping? Am I going let my body fail or will I work out and stay vital?

On that interview day I spoke to both men and women from their 20’s to their 70’s. All are active, workout several times per week and eat a balanced diet. Here is what they had to say:

The fitness industry is interesting and very challenging. Most people do know that they SHOULD move and exercise and eat healthy. Sadly, most choose not to for a variety of reasons. Those “reasons” are actually excuses but that conversation can be a topic for another day. Those of us working in the fitness industry (no matter what specialty), are trying to change human behaviour and motivate people to make fitness a priority in their life. And if they just can’t enjoy it, maybe they can recognize the importance and keep doing it anyway.

Here is the point I’m trying to make. You can choose to be active, mobile, energetic and healthy. These people all make a conscious effort. They make the time because it’s important. The people who keep coming know they feel better (and yes, they look better too)and they know that life is better when your body moves and breathes.

So this article is just a bit of opinion and results of a fun conversation with gym members. There is an abundance of research telling us all the same thing. If the simple version isn’t enough to inspire you then read some of the technical information. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

How about you – what motivates you to stay fit? And as always we welcome your feedback. Feel free to connect with me via telephone or email or leave a comment right here on the site. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join in the conversation!

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