Why Choose a Local Gym? – Part 1

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So, here you are -ready to begin your journey into fitness and better health with so many options in front of you. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with dozens of exercise options and fad diets and so-called experts all asking for you hard earned dollars. How do you decide what is best for you? Why choose a local gym? Truth be told, I am a bit biased because I am the owner of a small community gym (24/7 NRG Fitness in Keswick, Ontario)….but my message comes from experience, and maybe my experience will help you choose what works for you.

1. We all need to embrace fitness and be responsible for our own health

It IS a priority and you WILL feel better if you exercise regularly and eat real food.  There is no magic pill- I promise you that.
Years ago I tried the fad diets and quick fixes. Like everyone else I lost weight for a while but it all came back.

2. To be successful you need to be consistent…….like forever

To be consistent you need to either enjoy some part of what you are doing, or be very determined about its importance. A variety of options and techniques will keep both your mind AND your body engaged.

The first fitness program I joined was a basic circuit of machines. I did the exact same thing every time I went. Results plateaued very quickly and my mind was numb with boredom. That type of program was not a path to long term fitness for me.

3. Your fitness community will keep you accountable, and that accountability will keep you motivated and that motivation will keep you healthy.

When I found the right gym, I met people with similar goals. We met at classes, arranged small group training together with a personal trainer. We registered for outside events together and we inspired others to participate…..and fitness grew for everyone!

I return to the original question……why join a local gym?

You will become part of a group that works hard to respond to your needs by ensuring there is a good variety of programming. At 24/7 NRG Fitness you can use weight machines, get on some state of the art cardio equipment, train in our free weight section (best in town I assure you), take group fitness classes almost any day of the week, work with a personal trainer—-or even a physiotherapist!

If we aren’t local for you- be sure to take a tour of the gym you are looking to join. Are there different options for you? Can you easily update and change your workout on a regular basis?

You need to have access to the gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the most common reasons that people stop going to the gym is that they “don’t have time”. We need you to make it a priority —somewhere ahead of watching TV. We have made it so the workout time can be anytime and with free wifi you can bring your phone and still check Facebook! You choose to make priorities or excuses—-it’s just that simple.

When you support a local business, that business can support your community. We are part of all the things that help to make your town your home. Many of our clients at 24/7 NRG Fitness have become friends outside of the gym. They are supportive and healthy relationships that matter. It is something that I am proud to be part of and witness nearly every day. We are like the “Cheers” of fitness…..where we really do know your name.

That’s all for now – I’m off to the gym for a workout…..and then to work. I am the one who loved it so much I bought the business!

How about you – are you ready? We look forward to welcoming you! And as always we welcome your feedback. Feel free to connect with me via telephone or email or leave a comment right here on the site. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join in the conversation!

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