Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

14710102_sWho needs a personal trainer? The simple answer to that question truly is…everyone, including personal trainers!

I was chatting with a member of the gym recently, someone who is not working with a personal trainer. She (in her own words) is a bit overweight, and a lot out of shape. She is struggling with recurring injuries and slow or no results. When I asked her if she had considered working with a trainer, even if just for a while to get her started on the right path, she said this “I planned on getting a trainer once I’m in better shape. I want to get my money’s worth”. Thus another topic was born. The sad thing about her perception and decision to wait to get help is that she may hurt herself seriously in the meantime. Or possibly give up in frustration as her goals aren’t being reached.

What will your trainer do for you?

Your trainer or coach will ensure your workout plans are appropriate for your level of experience and strength. They will change them regularly ensuring that your body is challenged and giving results. A trainer will help you with technique which is critical to prevent injury. They will motivate and encourage you….and push you to realize just what you are capable of.

If you are experienced already and think you know enough, a trainer can still push you harder (I promise). They have years of experience and exercises at hand. Your trainer will recognize if you’ve gotten into an exercise rut and help you change it up.

If you are suffering with range of motion restrictions or uneven strength problems, your trainer may be able to assess those issues (or recommend you to someone who can), thus providing valuable information on what you should, or should not be doing. Many people are continuously doing exercises that are hindering more than helping. At Fitness Force, we are thrilled to have a new trainer working with us who is an expert on postural and musculoskeletal assessments. Her knowledge will ensure our clients are armed with information to ensure success.

Your trainer will teach you the importance of stretching, and how to do it properly. For now, I encourage you to stretch every time you work out. Just do it…..it matters.

Many trainers are very knowledgeable about nutrition. Since what you put into your mouth severely affects the results you will get from exercise and the energy you will have, they have a vested interest in helping you fuel your body properly (yes, that does mean eating). Some say that good nutrition is actually more important than exercise. I think both are essential but agree that if you are trying to lose fat, poor nutrition will make it impossible.

Your trainer may have other clients that are working on similar goals. They are often able to help you meet other people to work-out with. We all work harder in a group that on our own. Small group training can be a fantastic addition to your personal programs.

What can you expect when working with a personal trainer or coach?

  • Knowledge and experience in creating programs that are specific to your needs only.
  • Support in ensuring you are performing programs safely and correctly
  • Motivation and encouragement which means you will do more
  • Faster results than those not working with a trainer
  • Better results than those not working with a trainer
  • New and interesting programs ongoing so your results continue
  • Stop wasting time at the gym. Make it matter and make it last!

But I can get great workouts on the internet!

That may be true but you may not know if they are right for you or at what intensity you should be working. Most of the time people don’t work nearly as hard as they are capable of. Your internet workouts may be good, but I assure you that with a trainer they would be great! You get what you pay for….just saying.

How about you? Have you considered working with a personal trainer? Or perhaps you are already! I’d love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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