11 Tips to Proper Exercise

Get Active – Stay Healthy

Physical activity is vital at any age. As we get older it becomes even more important to maintain our health and body function. Around the age of 40 our bodies may begin to lose bone density. We all need to take appropriate steps to prevent it. Strength exercise and diet are equally important. In this post, we’ll list 11 tips to exercising properly.

Our heart and lungs need regular, vigorous use to stay healthy and strong. Cardiovascular exercise is the ticket to success. This may sound like a lot of work but cardio can be fun and the benefits are well worth the effort. Whether you are playing with grandchildren, walking the golf course or hiking in a tropical rainforest you will feel better and last longer if your heart and lungs are kept strong and healthy.

Strength/Resistance Exercise


  • Group classes such as Fit Forever or various Boot Camps
  • Resistance work with bands or free weights
  • Strength exercise using machines or just your body weight
  • Attend an orientation class/hire a personal trainer to create a program suited to your needs

Cardiovascular Exercise

  • Group classes such as Spinning or Zumba
  • Running, walking, cycling, swimming, hiking or anything that raises your heart rate for a period of time
  • At the gym you can use bikes, elliptical machines or treadmills.

How to succeed:


  • Find a workout buddy and make a commitment to each other
  • Choose an activity that you enjoy. Try lots at first.
  • Recognize the difference in how you feel and make it last
  • Work with a professional trainer for greater results
  • Research the importance of exercise yourself so you understand the long term reasons
  • Don’t accept excuses, be accountable

Tip #1 – Warm Up – Before going full force take time to warm up. Your muscles and joints as well as your mind should be ready for exercise. This will allow you to give as much effort as possible to your workout and is a critical part of injury prevention.

Tip #2 – Learn the Proper Technique – Learn the correct posture and technique for your sport or exercise from an expert. Hire a certified personal trainer to work with you in the beginning. This will go far towards ensuring you get the best benefit for your effort.

Tip #3– Use the Right Equipment – Make sure your equipment is the right fit, height and weight for you and that it is in good working order.

Tip #4– Avoid Over-Training  – Too much, too fast, too soon can cause injury. Be sure your body has time to recover. The rest day is just as important as the workout day.

Tip #5-Cool Down – Cooling down after a workout is just as important as warming up. Stretch your muscles and joints before you’re done. This is time well spent as you will recover more quickly and be ready for your next great workout.

Tip #6 – Drink Fluids – Drink fluid before, during and after physical activity. Dehydration affects your energy levels, muscle and joint function. Water is best, however and electrolyte beverage is good if your workout is more than 60 minutes long and you’ve worked up a good sweat.

Tip #7 – Strength Training is Key- Strength training will keep your joints and muscles functioning optimally.  It will also build muscle which will help to maintain bone density, manage weight and so much more. Any weight bearing exercises can count as strength training. It’s important to find something in this category that you enjoy.

Tip #8– Check your Attitude – Not everyone wins a medal but if you stay physically active you are a winner. The right attitude and consistency are good for performance and overall health. Exercise needs to be a priority and its critical to find an activity that you enjoy.

Tip #9– Maximize Muscle and Joint Function – Maintaining good muscle tone and maintaining joint range of motion and mobility will contribute to your performance and help to prevent injury. This is for everyone…forever.

Tip #10– Treat injuries promptly – If you suffer an injury or feel pain that lasts longer than your normal post-workout soreness consult a professional.

Tip #11Have Fun…Be Fit!

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Until next time,

The Team at Fitness Force


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  1. Odessa
    Odessa says:

    Lots of great tips here, Robin. I like the way this adds up to a way of living instead of a rigid plan that could feel constricting and inspire failure after a while.
    One exercise tip I’d like to share is to acknowledge that ANY exercise is good exercise. There are days when I go for a walk and sometimes don’t feel like doing my usual goal of at least 2 miles. Then I can really beat myself up about not doing that if I’m not careful! Sometimes my “best” is just taking a walk around the block. I’m learning to appreciate myself for getting out there at all on certain days!


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